Our business sectors

Find out more about the different industries and markets to which we supply products and ingredients.

Infant nutrition

Quality of ingredients is paramount when it comes to infant nutrition and the milk supply from our 4,800 farms is a great place to start. Through adherence to Open Source, our Sustainability and Quality Assurance code, our farmers produce a high quality, fully traceable milk supply from Farm to Customer. But that’s just the beginning - it takes a combination of nutritional expertise and advanced dairy technology to provide customers in this competitive space with progressive ingredient solutions that support global brands. The development of our new high-spec infant formula (IF) grade facility at Belview means that we’re better equipped than ever to drive innovation in this growing sector and supply the specialised ingredients requirements of our IF customers.

Health and wellness

Delivering calcium, protein and a variety of essential nutrients, dairy plays a significant role in the health and wellness sector. With expertise in developing both whey and milk proteins, GII has become one of the leading suppliers of high-spec ingredients into the clinical and sports nutrition industries.

Dairy nutrition in emerging markets

The affordable nutrition market is among the fastest growing sectors in the global dairy arena. Manufactured to the highest standards from sustainably pasture-produced Irish Milk, our enriched milk powder (EMP) is a versatile milk powder combining high quality dairy ingredients and vegetable fats. Using proprietary technology and industry leading know-how Glanbia Ingredients Ireland has established a leadership position in this market over the last 40 years. Our extensive range of enriched milk powders has applications in confectionery, yogurt, tea and coffee whitening as well as selected cheeses. In addition, EMP can be reconstituted as a drinking milk or used in extended shelf life dairy products.

Consumer branded butter and cheese

The milk from our grass-fed and pasture-raised dairy herds produces award-winning, flavoursome cheeses alongside some of the most spreadable butter in the world with a unique golden hue. Responsible for supplying some of the world’s best-known brands with the highest-quality ingredients, our reputation in this sector speaks for itself.


We deliver a number of quality ingredients into the European bakery sector for use in a range of applications. Perfect for boosting flavour and nutritional values along with a host of other benefits, our ingredients are used in everything from biscuits through to fresh baked goods.

Processed cheese

Our high-quality functional and processed cheeses are the result of four decades’ worth of experience. Supplying cheese into both food service and ingredients sectors across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America and Asia, we are focused on delivering convenience foods tailored to customer needs that are enjoyed the world over.