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Health study to improve farmer heart health underway

A new 4 year study has commenced this week to examine approaches to assisting farmers to improve Cardiovascular health. The Study is being conducted by Teagasc PhD Walsh Fellow Ms Diana Van Doorn at the Centre for Men’s Health at IT Carlow. It is supported by Glanbia Ireland, Irish Heart Foundation, the Health Services Executive and the UCD School of Physiotherapy and Performance Science.Read more

Solmiko MPC - Delivering enhanced performance in a range of applications

We are all aware of the inevitability of getting old but we are also aware that some of us will age better than others as a result of the care we take of our bodies. In 2016, Michael and Jane Murphy of ProU Yogurt, decided to take the plunge and start a family-run business - making yogurts with added nutritional value for consumers interested in healthy ageing. Download the full case study below which explains how Glanbia’s Solmiko Low Lactose fulfilled all of their requirements for their functional yogurt product.

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Fuelling Athletes for Enhanced Performance - Gut Health

In part two of this special two-part series featuring Dr Sharon Madigan, Head of Performance Nutrition at Sport Ireland Institute, we look at the importance of gut health in high performing athletes. Dr Madigan leads a team of nutrition experts at the Institute, who work together to create healthy and nutritious meal plans for athletes, which along with their training programme prepares them for high level competitions including world championships and the Olympic Games.

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Fuelling Athletes for Enhanced Performance

In the third episode of our new video series, ‘Meet the Expert’; Dr. Sharon Madigan, Head of Performance Nutrition at Sport Ireland Institute, expresses her opinion on the importance of dairy in the diets of athletes. With a Degree in Clinical Dietetics and a PhD in Nutritional Education, Sharon leads a team of nutritionists who are responsible for the delivery of support services to elite athletes competing for Ireland at World Championship and Olympic Game levels.

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