Meet the Expert: Crafting the Highest Quality Milk

Friday 22nd September 2017
Tom Power - Meet The Expert
The quality of our dairy ingredients starts on farm.

In the first episode of our new video series, ‘Meet the Expert’, GII milk supplier, Tom Power demonstrates his commitment to producing top quality milk. Built on a passion for his 6th generation family farm, he is considerate of quality at every stage of the milk-producing process. From grass management and nurturing his cows with individual attention to providing ideal living conditions for his herd and caring for the environment, Tom strives to deliver the very best to Glanbia and our valued customers.

“My dad always said to me that you have to be sure that what you’re producing you’d be happy to eat yourself.”

Uncompromising quality is a promise at the core of Glanbia Ingredients Ireland delivered through investing in the best people, processes, infrastructure and the right technology. Our farmers uphold this promise by dedicating themselves to assessing every aspect of their milk production. By providing them with supportive programmes such as our proprietary Open Source Code and independent verification from Ireland’s Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme, we can be assured that our international customers receive quality ingredients traceable right back to the source.

Coming up in our ‘Meet the Expert’ series we’ll continue to introduce the people within our network who play vital roles in advancing dairy, the natural way. Through experts in animal welfare, nutrition, dairy science and grass fed health to name a few; we carefully craft our offering to deliver better-for-you dairy ingredients.

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