Why choose us?

Find out more about what makes Glanbia Ingredients Ireland different from other leading dairy companies.

There are lots of good reasons why the world’s biggest brands choose to work with us. Irish agriculture’s suitability for dairy production certainly helps, but there’s more to it than that. Major customers form lasting partnerships with us because of our people, processes, infrastructure, uncompromising quality and commitment to mutual progress. That’s why we’re Ireland’s largest dairy ingredients company. And, with ambitious targets for the next five years, we’re committed to becoming more and more relevant to our partners.

Ireland’s green credentials

Our grass-based production model relies on Ireland’s natural environment. We are working to ensure that our growth in output is achieved in harmony with that.


From quality assurance on our farms to quality management in our plants, we work towards the highest international standards, instilling confidence in our customers.


We ensure that we stay at the forefront of ingredient innovation by constantly investing in technology, infrastructure, and thought leadership.


Whether it’s working on farm development with our milk suppliers or creating new solutions in partnership with customers, collaboration and a sense of mutual benefit is in our DNA.

Risk management

The only initiative of its type to offer milk and product price predictability over three years, the Glanbia Price Volatility Scheme (GPVS) and other pricing models help secure margins for both customer and milk supplier on a fair and equitable basis.