As a 40:60 joint venture between Glanbia PLC and the Glanbia Cooperative Society Limited, collaboration is in our DNA. It’s a proud part of our heritage, and integral to our long-term future. That’s why we’ve developed a world-leading support network for the 4,800 farms in our milk pool, and why deepening our collaborative relationships with customers is always a priority.

World-leading expertise on the farm

A core pillar of Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII) is our advisory team – our own group of farming experts who promote sustainability, quality, and safety on our farms. As part of our Open Source® Programme, the team works directly with our farmers on everything from auditing herds and animal welfare, to assisting with business planning. Few, if any, other dairy nutrition companies in the world supply the same on-the-ground partnership.

Maintaining these interactions and open communication channels with our farms makes us the ideal conduit into one of the world’s fastest-growing, highest-quality milk pools. It means we can broker working relationships that perfectly suit all parties – from the farmer, through to the customer and end consumer.

This includes developing the Glanbia Price Volatility Scheme (GPVS) and other innovative pricing models, which have proved unique in the marketplace.

Developing together

As well as bringing our customers and farmers closer together, we work directly with our clients to develop new ingredients, products and intellectual property (IP).

We bring expertise, technology, and an excellent infrastructure for innovation to those relationships. And, by always investing in the best people in quality and ingredient development, we’ve been able to build successful, long-term associations with some of the biggest brands.

Just last year, GII and Diageo won the title of Best Business to Business Partnership at the annual Responsible Business Awards 2014 with one of our longest running partnerships.

We foster multi-decade relationships such as this across a broad range of sectors and with customers throughout the world. And in supplying to those customers, we always strive to work together to minimise costs and maximise efficiency on a mutual and progressive basis – throughout the supply chain.

We are committed to collaborating to understand our customers’ key requirements and align our core strengths appropriately. You can find out more on our core values page.