Our corporate social responsibility

Glanbia Ingredients Ireland is committed to supporting the communities in which our plants, farmers and suppliers operate. This ethos is integrated into every aspect of our business. This can range from running our plants in an efficient, non-polluting manner, to helping our farmers run sustainable, successful businesses, to supporting charity initiatives and sponsoring events.

Investing in people

We know that our people and those that we work with are at the core of our success. Maintaining a safe, prosperous and clean environment is key to their wellbeing – and there’s more to this than our Zero Waste to Landfill programme or the smart use of energy at our combined heat and power Ballyragget plant.

As a large employer and partner to 4,800 farms, we have a responsibility to our local economy that we take very seriously. That’s why we continue to invest in sustainable growth. The latest of our processing plants, the state-of-the-art Belview facility, will directly and indirectly create 1,600 new jobs by 2020, contributing €500M per annum to the local economies of 16 surrounding counties.

As in all of our plants, those directly employed by GII at Belview will work in an environment that encourages fundraising and sporting activities to thrive; they’ll also benefit from significant training and investment in their professional development. We’re similarly committed to nurturing the skills of farmers; our New Entrants workshops give newer dairy farmers the chance to learn from our farm advisory team and share knowledge that will ultimately help them progress in the industry.

Zero Harm

A big part of our responsibility to our employees and communities is keeping them safe. That all starts in the workplace, with our Zero Harm initiative. The guidelines and training we provide on our health and safety educational schemes are all part of our ethos of ensuring there’s no harm to anyone, at any time.

But safety isn’t just a concern in our factories, and our Zero Harm on the Farm programme goes one step further by striving to influence safe behaviour on our milk suppliers’ farms. We’ve also collaborated with FBD – one of Ireland’s largest insurers – on the Champions for Change programme, with the aim of generating greater awareness around health and safety on farms.

But this commitment to the wellbeing of our people and environment doesn’t end with our efforts to eradicate accidents. Among our many environmental achievements over the past 10 years, GII has reduced its carbon emissions by 50%, and we’ve set ambitious but realisable targets to accomplish further reductions by 2020.

We make these commitments because we value our position as an ethical, progressive contributor to a responsible dairy industry for Ireland, and to our global customer base. We are dedicated to the sustainable future of our milk suppliers and that’s why we’ve developed our own unique Open Source Programme, setting a standard in sustainable dairy. It’s a position that’s recognised by industry peers, too – visit our accreditations and awards page for more information.