Milk protein concentrates and isolates

Glanbia Ingredients Ireland offers a range of milk protein concentrates and isolates. Solmiko and SolmikoHD make up our advanced milk protein range. Manufactured from fresh ultrafiltered skim milk, Solmiko and SolmikoHD are characterised by low bacterial and spore counts and ideally suited to clinical, lifestyle and sports nutrition applications.

Benefits and applications of the Solmiko range

Solmiko is a range of milk protein isolates and concentrates manufactured from fresh ultrafiltered skim milk. Solmiko is a good source of native micellar casein and whey proteins in the same ratio as found naturally in milk. In addition to its low bacterial and spore counts, it has excellent flavour, solubility, heat stability, and is rich in milk calcium.

SolmikoHD is our latest innovation in the Solmiko range. With higher bulk density and good dispersibility, it is easily incorporated into customer formulations using existing processing equipment.

Solmiko and SolmikoHD are available in a range of protein contents, from MPC (80% minimum protein – as is) to MPI (minimum protein level of 85% – as is).

Solmiko and SolmikoHD can be used in the following applications:

  • Infant nutrition
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Low-lactose foods
  • Low-viscosity beverages
  • The sports/fitness and beverages sectors
  • Protein-fortified foods
  • Weight management products
  • Ready-to-drink nutritional beverages
  • Ready-to-mix powdered nutrition

Our functional milk protein range, Solago

Solago is a functional range of milk proteins from fresh ultrafiltered skim for use in cheese and yoghurt applications. In yoghurt Solago can deliver excellent flavour and viscosity. In cheese applications, Solago provides very good water and fat binding. Solago is easily incorporated into formulations with existing process equipment.

SolagoHD is our latest innovation in the Solago range, with higher bulk density and good dispersibility. The range includes mineral modified milk proteins designed for improved functionality, better solubility and as a replacement for casein/caseinate across a number of applications, including:

  • Yoghurts
  • Processed cheese
  • Fresh dairy products
  • Cheese milk extension

The Solago and Solmiko ranges both have halal and kosher status.

You can find out more about the end markets we supply into with these ingredients in Our business sectors. For more information about the Solmiko and Solago ranges, contact us using the form on this site.