Milk Protein Concentrates and Isolates

The perfect ingredients for functional and nutritional applications

We offer a wide choice of nutritional and functional milk protein concentrates and isolates manufactured from fresh ultra-filtered skim milk. These products are designed to deliver enhanced performance in a range of applications. Our dairy-based protein ingredients are always of the highest quality. They offer the same ratio of micellar casein and whey protein naturally found in milk, but in process-stable and easier-to-use powder formats.


Concentrated nutrition

Containing all nine essential amino acids and the same casein-to-whey ratio naturally found in milk.


Diverse range

A wide portfolio of milk protein ingredients suitable for a diverse range of applications

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Quality & functionality

Traceable quality milk proteins for all of life's stages: Dairy products, Lifestyle and Clinical Nutrition.

The advanced milk protein range

Solmiko is a range of milk protein isolates and concentrates manufactured from fresh ultrafiltered skim milk. Solmiko is a good source of native micellar casein and whey proteins in the same ratio as found naturally in milk. In addition to its low bacterial and spore counts, it has excellent flavour, solubility, heat stability, and is rich in milk calcium
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  • Available in a range of protein contents 
  • Concentrated nutrition with low viscosity
  • Clean, neutral flavours
  • Superior microbial quality - characterized by low bacterial and spore counts 
  • Excellent stability in ready-to-drink products
  • Source of high-quality protein, providing essential amino acids
  • Micellar casein and whey content as naturally found in milk which can support protein synthesis
  • Rich in calcium which can support bone health
  • Early-life and pediatric nutrition
  • Clinical nutrition, ready to use in tube or sip feeds
  • Reduced and low lactose applications
  • Ready-to-drink beverages
  • Sports and lifestyle applications
  • Protein-fortified foods
  • Weight management and meal replacers
  • Ready to drink nutritional beverage 
  • Ready-to-mix powdered nutrition

The functional milk protein range

SolagoHD is our latest innovation in the Solago range, with superior dispersibility and higher bulk density. The range includes mineral modified milk proteins designed for improved functionality, better solubility and as a replacement for casein/caseinate across a number of applications.
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  • Excellent neutral flavour
  • Provide desired texture and mouthfeel 
  • High-fat and water binding capacity for cheese application
  • Modify viscosity
  • Good solubility 
  • Easily incorporated into formulations with existing process capability
  • Fresh dairy
  • Yoghurt
  • Processed cheese
  • Ice-cream

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Frequently Asked Questions


Milk protein concentrate (MPC) is a term used to define an ingredient manufactured from skim milk in which the two major protein families (casein and whey protein) have both been concentrated by a membrane filtration process.
Glanbia Ireland’s MPC range is manufactured from fresh pasteurized skim milk through a process of ultrafiltration, followed with concentration and drying. 
Our milk protein concentrate (MPC) range is a good source of native micellar casein and whey proteins, in the same ratio as found naturally in milk. 
MPCs are classified according to their protein content, with MPC80 representing a high-protein MPC (min. 80% protein, on an as is basis).
Our high-protein MPCs/MPIs can be used in clinical and infant nutrition, sports, lifestyle, low lactose, protein-fortified and fresh dairy applications.


Fractionated and concentrated milk protein-based ingredients are being increasingly dried into high protein powders, with milk protein isolate (MPI) typically having a protein content with a minimum protein level of 85% on an as-is basis.
An MPI will have a higher protein content than a milk protein concentrate and contains less lactose. Our high-protein MPIs can be used in clinical and infant nutrition, sports, lifestyle, low lactose and protein-fortified application. 


Our Solmiko, SolmikoHD and Solago HD ingredients are available in a range of protein contents, from milk protein concentrate (80% minimum protein— as-is) to milk protein isolate (minimum protein level of 85%— as-is).


Glanbia Ireland offers an array of milk protein concentrate (MPC) and milk protein isolate (MPI) that contain a range of lactose contents. As the protein content of MPC increases, the lactose levels decrease. This high-protein to low-lactose ratio makes MPC an excellent ingredient for use in low-lactose beverages and foods.

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