Addressing issues around malnutrition - MPC has the answers

Monday 15th October 2018
Glanbia Ireland (GI) is a leading supplier of oral nutritional supplements in Europe and North America, through its Solmiko range of MPC, where our customers’ products address malnourishment in patients in hospitals, nursing homes and the community. The aim of the nutritional management of patients is to keep a healthy energy balance as well as providing sufficient amounts of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Oral nutritional supplements are typically prescribed to patients, when diet alone is insufficient to meet the requirements of the patient. They address the need to increase the protein, carbohydrate, fats and micronutrients of the patient, to the required guidelines.

GI is extremely cognizant of the changing needs of customers and consumers and remains at the forefront of innovative applications for MPC, namely for clinical nutrition in the sip feed and powder formats. The protein component of clinical nutrition products has historically used caseinates however the move to MPC in recent years is due to its excellent nutritional profile, stability to thermal processing and clean flavour.

Since 2007 Glanbia Ireland – Ingredients has been manufacturing a high quality range of Milk Protein Concentrates (MPC) and Milk Protein Isolates (MPI) for domestic and global markets. Under the Solmiko brand, GI offers an extensive range of MPC and MPI with protein ranging from 80-86% manufactured to meet customer’s processing, functional and nutritional requirements. While also on request can offer a Truly Grass Fed, non-GMO project verified MPC. MPC and MPI are produced by the removal of non-protein components such as lactose, water and salts from skim milk by membrane ultrafiltration, thereby concentrating the protein components to higher levels in the same ratio as they are found naturally occurring in milk (80% casein : 20% whey).

The nutritional value of MPCs is due to a high quality source of protein, minerals and amino acids, therefore deeming MPC as extremely suitable as an ingredient in clinical nutritional products. An enriched mineral content e.g. Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorus of MPC’s, may also avoid the need for additional fortification of nutritional products hence assisting to achieve an economically viable formulation.

Not only is MPC desirable for applications whereby various levels of protein are required, the low lactose level enables nutrition companies to broaden their product portfolio and cater for various consumer groups, for example those that are lactose intolerant.

It should be noted that nutritional applications of MPC are not limited to clinical products – indeed there is an increased use of MPC in lifestyle nutrition products in recent years. There are various building blocks to ensure and assure the quality of a product and within GI we are proud to say we fully understand the nutritional and functional characteristics of Solmiko MPC all year round.

This in-depth knowledge is partly due to the implementation of an analytical programme which monitors the innate macro and micro nutrients of our milk. To say we know our milk is an understatement.