Healthy “Snackers” Opt for Protein

Friday 10th May 2019
As many as 94% of US adults snack on a daily basis*. Snacking has become a global trend as more hectic lifestyles lead to changed mealtimes. Consumers want to reduce both cooking and eating time while staying healthy.

Mintel reports that as snacks increasingly stand in for meals, rather than in-between foods, health plays a growing role. Consumers are looking for convenient products which can bridge the gap between health and indulgence**.

Both old and young consumers across the globe are increasingly looking for healthier snacking options. This is a trend that we have seen over the last couple of years but it is now accelerating. To consumers, “healthy” can mean e.g. extra protein, vitamins or fibre.

As snacks become healthier, more wholesome and satisfying, they can increasingly fulfil the role of mini meals. These products provide convenience and sustenance. Dairy holds snacking potential and the percentage of US consumers that have consumed yoghurt for snacking moments is rising.***

Mintel points out that it is Generation Z (people born in 1996 or later) that pushes the demand for high-protein snacks**. “Manufacturers looking to communicate a healthy appeal to young consumers should bear in mind their eye for high protein in better-for-you foods.

In the US, the 'homeland' of high-protein, 44% of 25-34 year olds consider protein content important in healthy snacks, compared to 36% across all age groups.

In continental Europe, Italian 16-24 year olds are most likely to be swayed by high protein messaging.”

At Glanbia Ireland, we are committed to producing and delivering a range of high quality ingredients that play a key role in fulfilling the needs of today’s health conscious snack consumers. Our advanced milk protein range, Solmiko, increases the nutritional power of dairy in an easy-to-consume format. Its heat stable and clean, fresh flavour profile make it an ideal solution for ready-to-drink applications. In addition, our Solago functional milk protein range is the perfect ingredient to enhance texture and mouth-feel as well as boosting protein levels in snack applications such as yoghurt and ice cream. Where functionality and flavour are critical, Glanbia Attrition Acid Casein is a high performing ingredient. Dispersibility requirements are met with our Provon whey protein isolate, which delivers well in a number of snack categories including weight management products.

Find out more about the benefits and suitability of our enhancing snack solutions.


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