Meet The Expert: Raising The Standards of Animal Care

Thursday 02nd November 2017
With a diet of 95% grass, room to roam and optimal weather conditions, Glanbia Ireland cows enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.

In the second episode of our new video series, ‘Meet the Expert’, Glanbia Ireland Veterinary Practitioner, Shane McElroy reflects on the aspects of Glanbia’s dairy system that provide best in class animal welfare standards to our herds. Shane’s vast experience working as a vet in five different countries previous to joining Glanbia has afforded him the opportunity to form a well-rounded, informed opinion of the benefits Ireland brings to the health and welfare of our cows.

With a life-long passion for dairy and specialist experience, Shane’s advisory role allows him to affect change on Glanbia Ireland’s 4,800 family farms through the implementation of systems that give animals the opportunity to perform natural and instinctive behaviours essential to their health and well-being as well as social interaction, comfort, and physical and psychological well-being.

Ireland’s green credentials contribute significantly to the health and happiness of Glanbia Ireland’s dairy herds and Shane sees the value in sustaining their natural environment. Our globally low levels of air pollution mean our cows get to breathe fresh air while roaming the fields for up to 300 days of the year, and our weather conditions are optimal for cows. It never gets too hot and only for a short period during the winter does the temperature drop just enough for our farmers to give them shelter indoors. Perhaps most importantly, it’s Ireland’s environment that allows our cows to maintain the best possible diet, grazing on lush green grass throughout the year.

“Cows’ stomachs have developed to digest a grass based diet. It’s the most natural food that a cow could eat – there’s lots of fiber, there’s lots of sugars, there’s lots of protein, it’s a balanced diet.”

At Glanbia Ireland, we’re proud to be able to meet the demands of our international customers and consumers who are seeking reassurance that the products they purchase are produced in a way that is kind to animals and delivers only the best quality. We require our farmer suppliers to join us on this mission through independent verification carried out by Ireland’s Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme so that we can confidently stand over our internationally recognised animal welfare standards.

Our ‘Meet the Expert’ series introduces the people within our network who play vital roles in advancing dairy, the natural way. Through experts in milk quality, nutrition, dairy science and grass fed health to name a few; we carefully craft our offering to deliver better-for-you dairy ingredients.

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