We’re a leading supplier of innovative dairy and nutrition ingredients to some of the world’s biggest brands. They work with us with complete assurance in the proven capability of our quality and supply chain traceability systems. That level of trust is down to our management of quality at every stage of our business – from the pasturelands that feed our herds, to the standards we uphold in our plants.

Uncompromising quality

We strive to set quality standards and we’re committed to future-proofing so we can stay ahead of the very highest quality criteria. This is all part of the uncompromising quality promise that’s at the core of our company values, delivered through investing in the best people, processes, infrastructure and the right technology.

Take for example our new Nutritional Ingredients plant at Belview, built to meet the highest regulatory Infant Formula standards. This state-of-the-art facility follows a ‘Right First Time’ ethos, meaning every product or ingredient created exactly meets customer requirements from the very start. That’s thanks to our rigorous plant and product qualification process and carefully controlled internal environment at our facilities – resulting in the capability to perfectly match microbiological, physical property, nutrient and sensory customer specifications.

To achieve these high standards, employees at our plants benefit from more than three months of proprietary training before they start working in production. The quality managers who design and lead this training are highly experienced industry experts, committed to instilling a culture where hygiene and discipline are paramount, and every single person in production understands their responsibilities.

Our teams follow a rigorous ‘zoning’ system, whereby every stage of manufacturing is carefully managed to eradicate the chances of product contamination. This is all about designing a series of barriers/transition zones to progressively reduce the risk of introducing contamination to the product – with different requirements for low-care, medium-care and high-care areas.

The best possible start on our farms

Of course, these plant-level practices are only effective if the produce that comes through our gates is always of the highest quality. That’s why we carefully assess every batch of milk, and every farm’s milk is tested against over 30 quality parameters at our accredited labs in Dungarvan.

Our Open Source® Programme offers a globally unprecedented level of support to ensure we follow quality production processes from the very beginning on our 4,800 farms. GII is world leading in our efforts to autonomously audit all of our herds ensuring that those cows are free to graze on sustainable, luscious pasturelands for more than 300 days a year.

The result is the very best milk produced by healthy cows, who in turn birth the healthiest calves. As a model, it’s not only green, sustainable and cost-effective. It also offers complete assurance and peace of mind to our international customers, who want to be able to trace the quality of the ingredients they buy right back to the source.

By collaborating with us, those customers quickly learn that the standards of our farms, our factories, our farmers and in-house experts speak for themselves.